Cabo Dolphin Tours

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Dolphin Kids Tour
Smaller children (ages 4-9) get to learn about, interact and play with the dolphins in this fun, informative program. The 30-minute program includes supervised introductions to the dolphins and 15 minutes of touching and interacting with these marvelous mammals. Small group sizes ensure memorable fun for all.

Dolphin greeting
Dolphin Kids program includes:
• Dolphin toy anatomy introduction
• Close-up poolside interaction
• Belly ride
• Dolphin fin shakes
• Dolphin kisses

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Available Monday to Friday: 9am; Saturday and Sunday: 10am

Dolphin Encounters Tour
A unique 45-minute educational and fun program conducted by the dolphin trainers that first provides an informative overview of dolphin anatomy, physiology, natural history and communication abilities. This is followed by supervised experiences in the dolphin pool with the gentle animals, rubbing and petting their smooth skin to understand their physical characteristics. Dolphin training techniques are also explored. An unforgettable experience!

Dolphin Encounters includes:
• Safety briefing and presentation
• Verbal Dolphin education
• Close-up poolside interaction
• Dolphin fin shakes
• Dolphin kisses

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Minimum age: 8 years old
Available: Monday to Friday: 3pm; Saturday and Sunday: 1pm

Dolphin swimming
Swim with Dolphins Tour
This tour is 60 full minutes of education and interaction with this playful, curious creatures, including 30 full minutes in the water with the dolphins. The dolphins offer their sleek graceful bodies to be stroked and gently petted, providing warm and wonderful interaction with their human guests.

Swim with Dolphins program includes:
• Dolphin anatomy and physiology introduction
• Dolphin natural history introduction
• Introduction to the dolphins in the tank
• Petting, hugging and kissing of the dolphins
• Supervised free time to swim and play with the dolphins

Monday - Friday, hourly from 9am to 4pm
Saturday - Sunday, 10 am, 11 am, 12 noon & 1 pm
Minimum age: 5 years old; children under 10 must be accompanied by paying adult

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Photos and Video: Photos start at $15 each for all activities and a 15-minute DVD of your dolphin encounter is available for $45.

Cabo Dolphins “Trainer for a Day” Tour

Swimming with dolphins tourDelight in a rare opportunity to not only interact with responsive, intelligent marine animals, but to actually work alongside a team of marine mammal experts as they work with Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins on feeding methods and behavioral instruction. The Trainer for a Day program gives you a full day of assisting Cabo Dolphins trainers in every aspect of their work, both in the pool and poolside.

You’ll experience first-hand (and first fin!) the detailed, meticulous practices used behind the scenes to ensure that these beloved animals receive the highest quality of care and coaching, ensuring that the public can witness the full expression of their boundless enthusiasm and connection to other living things. You’ll also be exposed to the deep level of professionalism native to all programs at Cabo Dolphins.

Our program includes:

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Available: Monday to Friday starting at 10am and finishing at around 3:30pm.
Minimum age: 12 years old.